Meeta Mulchandani

We take great pleasure in introducing the phenomenal Meeta Mulchandani – my personal friend and a professional in her field, we are honoured to have her…

Classic, Charismatic and Contemporary is how you describe designer Meeta Mulchandani’s creations. This charming designer, who started off in this industry two decades ago, has carved a niche market for herself. She started from scratch with designing just for friends and family and then went on to a bigger platform whilst exhibiting her creations. This led her to start endorsing her designs under the label ‘Meeta Mulchandani’.  

Fusion and silhouette grafting infused with Indian craftsmanship are the key areas of her creations. Personalization and distinctiveness are the most important factors defining this designer’s philosophy. Each silhouette is crafted with specifications in terms of colors, cuts and style to suit her client’s persona in mind.  

What sets a Meeta Mulchandani creation apart is her innate ability to keep the individuality and contours of the wearer in mind which in turn gives panache and exclusivity to all her creations. 

Her collection is a mélange of class and flamboyance that is juxtaposed to create elegant Indian garments that spell feminity and sophistication with acute antenna of shine and shimmer. 

Just like any Indian wedding is resplendent with heritage yet with a twist of modernity, glamour, exquisiteness and magnificence, so are the designs by Meeta. The designer believes that certain energies are irreplaceable and the Indian zest for color, drape and luxury manifests itself beautifully in her fine couture collection. 

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